2018-10-24 - London, England - The O2

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review by U232323

23 days ago


Really good performance by them. Bono’s voice was in good form. Edge and Adam were typically strong and Larry was bashing the drums on the fly with the band surrounding him which ended a great run of songs. Seemed to be enjoying themselves despite being well into the tour.


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It’s never going to be like it was 20 years ago and Bono would have to work really hard to get people out of their upper seats but I was in GA and it was lively throughout.


Probably as I was in the 2nd line just off the rail in between the stages, I could really see the band play and it was great - especially the 1st half - Zoo station, the fly, stay and horses was one of the best run of songs I’ve heard them play ever. They have never failed to deliver and the setlist is much better than the beginning of the tour and I did not miss the fact that no JT songs were played. I just hope it’s not their last!

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