2022-11-19 - Manchester, England - O2 Apollo Manchester


Performance notes: Instrumental: "Gloria", "October", "Into the Heart", "Miss Sarajevo".
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songs per album

  1. Boy (3)
  2. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (2)
  3. The Joshua Tree (2)
  4. Songs Of Innocence (1)
  5. War (1)
  6. The Unforgettable Fire (1)
  7. Rattle and Hum (1)
  8. All That You Can't Leave Behind (1)

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review by MattH29

11 months ago


I always try and take time to review a U2 related gig, as the initial feeling on leaving the venue is one of euphoria but it is probably long overdue in terms of looking back and realising that Bono's half man show of 'Stories of Surrender' was a truly magical evening. I must admit to not fully knowing what to expect from the show; was it a mix of readings, music, video / audio input? In the end it was all of them and more as Bono bought his story to life with the use of some table and chairs and his magical microphone. Musically the night was a surprise in terms of the reworked songs; with Beautiful Day, Out of Control, Desire and Sunday Bloody Sunday being particularly memorable. The music and input of Jacknife Lee, Gemma Doherty and Kate Ellis (The Three Terrors) really gave the music of U2 a new refreshing feel, but I must acknowledge that Bono's voice was as good as ever and his rendition of Torna A Surriento was truly remarkable and something I'll never forget.


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The Manchester Apollo is a great venue and access was straight forward, the Yondr service for phones was also welcomed as I never understand why people do not just live the concert experience through their own eyes. In the audience there was the feel of hesitation, as you did not quite know how much to get involved; do we get up and dance, sing / clap along, listen respectfully? In the end I think we all got the balance about right and it was a good feel in the theatre. One observation is if you are going to watch one of the world’s biggest stars at an event where lots of U2 fans probably missed out on the chance to go, please do not spend your night going back and forth to the toilet; the constant disruption was amazing!


A truly memorable evening that it was a privilege to be at. It was great to hear Bono sounding and looking in fine form, he has certainly been looking after himself and looked physical well also. The evening was an enjoyable mix of music, emotion, honesty, intimacy, humour, and mimicry (particularly that of Adam and Pavarotti). Bono's delivery was immaculate and although strange at first to see him performing on his own he is a true class act when performing on the stage. So even after nearly two months since the event the overall feeling is still one of euphoria! Looking forward to the 'Songs of Surrender' audio in March.

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