1981-01-24 - Glasgow, Scotland - Strathclyde University


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review by BigGiRL

3 years ago


Good energetic performance of the young U2 like most of their gigs at that time. That's why they became legendary. That's why we love them!


[Unknown Gen > CD-R]
This seems to be the best surviving source of the first Glasgow gig. Tape speed is OK and all instruments and vocals are clear. Although there is a fair amount of white noise, it is quite enjoyable for listening. Intimate atmosphere with crowd at just the right distance. Files do however need proper editing to remove mini-gaps between tracks. Lossless wanted!
[Aiwa 1st gen > CDR (as shared on u2torrents)]:
Quite contrary to what the info file suggests, this source has not a good sound quality. Tape was transferred at incorrect speed and probably with Dolby "C" filter on, leaving out not only noise but also most of the already bare dynamics.

NB: Both sources are from the same recording as the final The Ocean is cut after 15 seconds. I wouldn’t be surprised if the lineage of the two sources is switched...

Recording: Audience microphone - 2.5 stars


Crowd clearly loved it!


From Pimm Jal de la Parra, U2 Live - A Concert Documentry:
Before Twilight Bono points to the 'Boy' backdrop. "This here is Peter... I'll tell you about Peter. We're going to the USA next week and Peter isn't allowed in there." The 'Boy' album sleeve has been deemed unsuitable for America because some narrow minds in the record industry think that the pure image of a young boy might associate the band with paedophilia or child pornography. 'Boy' will be released in America in March in a different sleeve from the European album but U2 will use the backdrop during their concerts. Bono dedicates Twilight to Peter.

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Audience microphone

  • Origins: Audience microphone
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