1983-03-22 - London, England - Hammersmith Palais


Performance notes: Like the previous night, Steve Wickham plays violin during Sunday Bloody Sunday and Tomorrow.
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  1. War (6)
  2. October (5)
  3. Boy (5)
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review by 2UToo

4 months ago


Honestly, this is super tough to rate as both the band and mainly Bono have some REALLY awful moments here. Bono's voice is simply done for for parts of the show, leading to very tired sounding speeches and some awful voice cracks, most notably during 'Twilight' which then again features an INSANE belt / sustain but overall this is more on the weaker side for Bono.

The highlights though... we go from Steve Wickham playing the violin in absolutely stunning ways, especially during the majority of 'Tomorrow' which sounds haunting and gorgeous and there aren't many more positive words to describe how gorgeous this part of the show was. The next huge thing was 'Party Girl' which was absolutely MINDBLOWING, considering that pretty much everything that went on was improvised on the spot. Bono and U2 on their absolute A-game of improvising.


Terrific recording with only one downside that I mentioned already
Recording: "Master Tape Transfer 2017" - 4.5 stars


Unfortunately, the audience were pretty quiet on the recording but a few moments proved that they weren't dead at all and rather the opposite, like singing back lines to Bono during improvs and participating brilliantly during 'Party Girl'. Extra shoutout to Joe!


Overall a great showcase of certain aspects of U2, mainly the improvising, adapting and turning something bad into something really fantastic, really enjoyed this show!

Highlights: Sunday Bloody Sunday, October / Tomorrow, Party Girl

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