1983-06-01 - San Francisco, California - Civic Auditorium


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songs per album

  1. Boy (7)
  2. War (6)
  3. October (4)

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review by fleavox

7 years ago


A lot of tech problems... but sometimes this is funny... the problems starts in first song... Edge was in trouble with his guitar and Bono play with situation improvising singing they doesn't need guitar lol... Edge was repairing and returns to the song, but have troubles again during the solo, so Bono stops and they start the song again lol

Edge have issues in several songs, I don't know what kind of problems he have, but even his backing vocals sounds different in several moments and sometimes made the songs sound different without to affect the performance, even add something... strange


Sound is good, but the cut between the tracks are in wrong time (but we can fix this problem with Audacity or another sound editor)
Recording: "War San Francisco" - 4 stars


This part is only rated, not commented on


The show is plagued by tech problems but was oddly funny, specially after first 6 songs!!

Highlights: Out of Control (disaster but really funny, when they restarted the song, was very well played), Seconds (Edge's guitar sounds different), Sunday Bloody Sunday (Edge's backing vocals with rough voice, I don't know if was Larry or Adam, but I also can clearly hear one third voice on chorus), Electric Co, October (a bit out of tempo, but sounds good), New Year's Day (same case than Seconds), Gloria (Larry's drums sound amazing during Adam's solo, and at end, Edge's voice sounds rough again, one of my fave versions on this tour), 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (all the cases, Edge's guitar and backing vocals sounds a bit different, drums and bass sounding amazing), and 40 (powerfull drums and good crowd)

Strange case that almost all highlights deserves some comments!

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