1. Looking good!
  2. is this from Vegas?
  3. if only it was his own

  4. i loved this look
  5. Nickelback has the same hair.
  6. The thing is, everyone knows his hair colour comes out of a bottle but so what. If it makes him feel younger and happier than go for it. Lots of women do it so why can't men? Unfortunately, mine is going the same colour as Adam's but with as much coverage as The Edge; so there's not much point.
  7. Meh, go back to black for the Fly
  8. Are we really talking about this ? Some of you need to get a life!
  9. Could it be possible the blonde is just for the music video for the 70s vibes? Maybe Bono will surprise us opening night with blue Kpop hair
  10. I like the "new" hair, giving me 2015 vibes