2018-05-11 - Las Vegas
Tour: Experience and Innocence tour
Songs played: 28
Audio recordings: 2
  1. I Will be in Vegas with Some other dutch fans
  2. Finally a gig outside of the EU and heel nederland is gonna be there

    See ya'll there.
  3. GA ticket drop for both shows happening this morning.
  4. GODDAMN IT!!!!! i missed it!! anymore manage to get any for 2nd night?
  5. Keep checking Ticketmaster and AXS every few minutes/hours and you'll get lucky
  6. For every show so far there have been plenty of GA drops leading up to the show date. Most often the day before or show date itself. Keep checking and you'll be lucky.
  7. I'll be there both nights!

    Was mildly looking forward to it (and had a ticket for the first night) until the Tulsa show, and now am very looking forward to it (and picked up a ticket for the second night).
  8. Seats behind stage £44 . Quite pricey Vegas is