2018-08-31 - Berlin
Tour: Experience and Innocence tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 2
  1. Originally posted by deanallison:One of the very few moments of the night which maybe didn’t get quite the reception it deserved was bono pre best thing talking about realising his dad loved him, I found that very touching.
    Oh yes! This was for me the most touching moment. And to be now a father too, he understands his father now. Wow!
  2. Originally posted by iTim:All (both?) of the Paris shows were leaked not long after the gig. If I recall, they were mixed almost on the fly ready for the HBO broadcast a few hours after the gig. Given the time zone difference, they had some time to make additional tweaks.

    And we say “leaked”.

    There were 3 complete shows recorded and streamed via satellite, that got grabbed from the stream - Nov 11 and both December Shows. These were rough cuts - cutting live during the show, as you can see shaky and out of focus cuts or black screens, when Bono just ran out of the frame. (I absolutely LOVE them, they are untweaked and unpolished in both Video and Audio)
    The one broadcasted was different and they even edited it again for the broadcast outside America (if I remember correctly) - still many countries did not get an airing of it.
  3. Somebody could make a master list of Paris broadcasts and edits.
  4. Originally posted by NateV:[..]
    Yes it was touching. In combination with the speech and “I’m sorry” during Dirty Day. The IE and EI tours went from being about mother to coming to terms with father.
    Wow, that's actually a nice full circle and I hadn't thought about it.
  5. That’s a great reflective article you wrote.
  6. A massive thank you to @Maaaike who kindly sent me her spare "EI hits Berlin" Poster. Collection is now complete
  7. Is the collection going on to a wall or into a box?
  8. On the wall. By collection I mean posters from shows that I attended. Just need to find some frames now.
  9. We want P I C S