2018-08-31 - Berlin
Tour: Experience and Innocence tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 2
  1. Originally posted by Papo:I just noticed another snippet right before "Acrobat". It's a little melody without lyrics, sung by Bono. He's qouting a famous recording by Ella Fitzgerald, "How High The Moon" recorded "Live in Berlin" in 1960. The melody however is not How High The Moon, it's something Ella apparently snippeted as well.
    Anybody got a clue about where that Ella snippet is from?
    Are you talking about the part where he hums 'So Long, Farewell' from The Sound Of Music as part of MacPhisto's goodbye speech?
  2. Yep, I think thats it! Thank you!
  3. Wow, impressive
  4. So, the big questions are: Does it count as an official snippet? And is Bono aware that Ella sang it in Berlin in 1961?
  5. Woe, that looks so cool! 👍 Haven't been around on the forum for a while, but today I felt really kind of homesick...watched the amazing Berlin DVD, relived my happy-meeting-Bono moment for like 100 times...so many happy memories 💜💜💜