1. I listen to mainly u2 tbh just try and play different albums and different gigs/live performances. But I always check out new material from artists I like and listen to the classics now and again. I’ve completely lost touch though with popular new releases. I don’t really know many new bands coming through so it is just new material from well established bands that make up my other listening time.
  2. Very low. From time to time I get back. But I find myself listening more often to Metallica or hard rock bands.
  3. This: "I do not listen to U2 these days"

    But...I saw the original "MTV" Sunday Bloody Sunday videoclip a few days ago and - just like back then! -
    really thought it was THEE bomb....

    Gawd...how I miss younger Bono...Edge's hair...Larry's babyface and bad-boy Adam...*sigh* & *swoon*

  4. I have heard thousands and thousands of songs from hundreds of different types of artists and bands for the last 35 years or so..... Now I find only U2 among them standing tall...... All other bands or artists I have heard or liked have vanished.
  5. I’m into different genres of music everyday.music is my life and i play records and cds daily
    But at least once a week something of U2 comes to my ears....now I’m playing this little box of Sigue Sigue Sputnik with Flaunt it remastered
    Yesterday I played R&H because I bought another issue ( another translucent brown Canadian issue) and on my list i have Agnes Obel Paul Weller Carcass and D.R.I...........btw weekly i play U2
  6. I haven't been fully into U2 since the end of the Experience Tour. Sometimes I listen to a bootleg or a specific record, but at the moment I'm mostly into other artists and genres
  7. I don't listen to U2 at all lately. I'm on a break sort-of-thing. Happens every once in a while, and I know they'll return to me
  8. About 3-4 hours a week typically. Sometimes it’ll be 2 hours in one day, sometimes it’s 20-30 minutes a day over the course of the week
  9. I'm probably about 50-50 but tend to listen to different bootlegs more than albums. As much as U2 are the centre of my musical universe, I'm always on the lookout for new local artists and have been listening to a lot of young, female singer-song writers over the last 4 or 5 years.
  10. About 95/5
  11. I'm into prog rock mostly last months/years but once in a while definitely find time for some U2...
  12. Never studio U2 unless it comes on XM, has to live