1. I expected it, I didn't imagine the movie with a pure rock song
  2. Anyway, it's good to listen to Bono
  3. Bono Is still chasing his Oscar Dream
  4. No chance anytime soon then, lol
  5. I don’t like this recent style of saying the word “song” in their actual songs.
  6. 11 o’clock tick tock, Gloria, like a song, the unforgettable fire. They’ve been doing it for a while. Well unforgettable fire maybe not in the original lyrics I’m thinking 360 live.
  7. Gross.
  8. Originally posted by bushido529:U2 fans are like Star Wars fans. They hate anything new. the chord progression and melody sound like something was thought of, not copy n paste pop progression.

    100% agree
  9. Could be worse. Bono could be one of those twats that say their name in the song (eg Jason Derulo)