1. Anyone know what the original setlist date was?
  2. I wonder if this is a reworked Outtake from SoE. It seems like it
  3. Sorry to say but I really hope this is not an indication of future U2 music.
  4. World premiere on BBC2?
  5. That’s the impression I get too. Hope the next album is more rock.
  6. I wasn’t expecting a song from Sing 2 to be “Punk Rock From Venus” or anything. Sounds like a nice song, excited to hear something new!
  7. Schmaltzy in a good way for me. The kind of song that will fit well near the climactic point of a movie emotionally. I actually love the lyrics so far...very Bono but I don't think in a cheesy (ATYCLB) way at all. "I don't sing it just to get by / I sing it to survive" = that's U2 in a nutshell to me. Even when they wanted to be frivolous in the 90s they always had heart and a message underneath the clever use of irony.

    I concur with others who think this sounds like it could be on SOE, too, while also hoping - despite enjoying this clip - that their next album is more of a departure.
  8. Anyone know when this was written/recorded?
  9. The film was supposed to release end of 2020 and of course got pushed for obvious reasons. Probably sometime in 2019/20.
  10. The song premiere has been postponed until tomorrow