1. Originally posted by KieranU2:-15 degrees celsius tomorrow night here in Edinburgh according to BBC Weather. That will create some huge icicles. Done that the last time, should have seen the size of the icicles! It's currently -12 and is supposed to snow on Wednesday, Thursday and Christmas Day! Also about 3-4 inches of snow on the ground.

    What's the weather like in Belfast?

    Heaviest snow that I can recall. We've had a good 2ft here where I live. The usual havock/hysteria/Armageddon. The cold is set to continue.
  2. 10-20 cm snow here. Temperatures around zero to minus 5 during the night. Cant remember having that much decent (not that wet crap) snow here.
  3. -4C here, snowing away.
  4. 15cm of snow here, temperatures around 0°C during the day, freezing a couple degrees in the night.
  5. No snow here for the moment (just 5 cms or so a few days ago, nothing big), although there have been five or more -8ºC nights in the last two weeks.
  6. sunny day today, temperature -2°, ice over the streets
  7. Rainy day..
  8. It's finally stopped raining here in Brisbane and has turned beautifully clear. Still way too cool for December, but considering how gross and humid December usually is here, I'm not going to argue about that. It's currently 25C on its way to a pleasant 29.
  9. It's cold and misty. Hasn't snowed for about a day though.
  10. Little snow still left about, just bloody cold and icy for the moment - looks like we've missed most of the snow where I am in the east.
  11. Very hot....30o Celsius during the day with sun and few clouds
  12. Very hot here in Buenos Aires... all the week will be like that with temperatures around the 35º C