1. Yeah because that's U2.com what we are talking about
  2. I’m still here waiting
  3. Has it ever been this late in the process previously without any update?
  4. What is in the barrel does not sour
  5. I thought they said they're in the process of manufacturing the CDs some months ago? Maybe I'm wrong.
  6. The most concerning thing to me is that this year is now officially half way over and we haven't received one download track yet.
  7. Having a hard time mixing the tracks I guess
  8. The May 4th email blast said the gift was now in production. Didn’t say where they were at in the process.

    Also CD pressing is backed up as well with current worldwide supply chain issues. Used to take about eight weeks to get one pressed from the time you delivered a release, labels are now being told it could take up to 16. So even if U2.com is working to similar timelines as before they may hit delays elsewhere.