1. YES! Thank you so much! “sometimes a feelin takes me, sometimes I can’t let go. Hello hello HELlo HELLO HELLO! HELLO!? HELLLLOOOO!? IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE!?”

    So so good
  2. Originally posted by Release3:Does anybody have link or audio of Vertigo live from Chicago but the Good Morning America version. It was released before the DVD so it had an alternate ending with Bono shouting “HELLO!? IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE!?”

    Much prefer that version to the DVD version that was ultimately used and I cannot find it ANYWHERE

    Good ear to notice this.
    The GMA segment was May 21 2005, so this edit was put together a mere week after being filmed. (by the way, apparently U2 did an interview segment for GMA as well, anyone have it? it's not on youtube from what i can see)
    Bono's spoken word intro is also different from the DVD, so someone could match-up to see which night in Chicago it was. However, it may just be a different edit, of the same night performance (cuz i noticed both this GMA and DVD have Bono pronouncing "Chi-chi-chi-chicago!" after the 'check-mated' lyric. But i haven't listened to all 4 night's audio to compared this pronouciation)
  3. And maybe one day the BBC will broadcast the 3 missing tracks from London 2005

  4. Have found this today, never had seen before
  5. at 12:32...
  6. Impressive Vertigo version, I had forgotten how powerful it was this performance. Bono hitting all the notes in standard tuning. SYCMIOYO starts poor but but from bridge onwards it improves heavily and it ends up being a fantastic version too. IWF is the weak link but the "Stand up ye miserable bastard" incident makes up for it