1. U2 Lemon from Chile are great, specially when they play some rare live songs like Heartland and Acrobat, the funny part is that sometimes they sound even greater than the real U2, Heartland and the sweetest thing are examples of that
  2. They are arguably the best tribute act musically, outdoing U2 themselves sometimes and a tribute act that also doesn't try to mimic the band members.
  3. Their version of When I Look At The World is brilliant.
  4. This is an excellent cover, great guitar tone and generally nailed it. Would be great if U2 did this live.

  5. This is great. What a great band! Really good groove. Thank you for posting. Nice studio they are in, very good production, too.
    Perfect in every aspect. And of course a great song, too.
  6. Wow, that is absolutely fantastic Very well filmed, recorded and played. Great cover!!!
  7. Great version, they really pull out the details from the original
  8. Another Lady With the Spinning head cover but this time with elements of the Fly mixed in.

  9. This guys are friends of mine and I actually was at this gig, haha. They invited me and I drove 400 km back and forth to attend it. It was a monster setlist (they kept going after 40 and played at least 4 or 5 more tunes):