1. and this is who should have replaced Freddie on Queen live shows ...

  2. Laid down some drums and bass before coming back to uni to I had something to do on wet Sundays... just spent a couple hours with my acoustic and some crappy iPhone earbuds/mic but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!
  3. Hey thanks! That's pretty much the feel I was going for, nice and dark and distorted to cover up the primitive setup
  4. Really enjoyed listening to this.

    Excellent - well done.

    Nice mix & balance (never mind your great playing & arrangement too!)

    What talent we have here in this community.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. shadow man
  6. Live? More like dead. It's just as horrendous as I had imagined, if not more.

  7. This cover pops in my head every now and then, almost always because of the Bo Diddley snippet.