1. Congrats to Aaron!!! Nice to see and hear you and not only read from you!
  2. Great U2 room!
  3. Fan tastic !
  4. That was fun to watch! Much respect to Aaron for being so humble and well spoken. I thought for sure Aaron would say he had attended more than 100 full U2 concerts. Thanks for posting, miryclay!
  5. That was great U2W1 😀
  6. Congratulations U2W1 and thanks a lot for all the information and rumours you share with us.
  7. Congrats U2W1 !
    well deserved and thanks for all your work!
  8. Haha. The first title for the website was “Aaron’s U2 Cave” way back in 1995.

    Thanks for the kind words all.

    The full answer to the #1 fan question got cut off. Continued to talk about how there is always someone with more records, or who has met the band more often or has seen more shows. The important thing is we all found our way to the same spot, being a fan. We all got our start somewhere. Little too long for TV I suppose.
  9. Nice segment Wanderer. I'm looking forward to the 5 hour YouTube video where you show and explain your collection in full
  10. Great collection n' all but where do you get your all of those Ikea Kallax? They have been sold out for months here in Ontario and I am on a waiting list.