1. Some folks were gonna leak tonight if the album didn't leak, some good news for those people because here it is: No Line On The Horizon. U2's 12th studio album! This thread discusses something about the new album, we take this opportunity to point you one more time to our house rules. If you violate them, our crew will take action immediately, so take the time to review them.

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  2. I think i;m in love again, i better not tell my girlfriend, it's not often you get 2 awesome ballads on one album!!!!

    JT had With Or Without You
    UF had Bad
    Rattle & Hum had All I Want Is You
    Achtung had One
    Zooropa had Stay
    Bomb had Sometimes
    Horizon has this & MOS.
  3. At first listen somewhat underwhelmed by it. I expected some more guitar work from Edge.
  4. very ambient song. but it has to grow on me, like almost all of the songs of the album.

  5. great lyrics and singin from the b-man!

    would perfectley segue into AIWIY live
  6. I think it was one review that said this was the One Step Closer of the album, it SHITS all over OSC.....
  7. Once more, I don't get the sense of the intro yet, hangs loose from the rest...
    That said, what follows is a very fragile song that makes my mind wandering around and makes me feel like I need to call my brother.
    Somehow Springsteen-like.

    First rating: 8/10
  8. I really like this one
  9. I like this one, but I'm not passionate about it. I was hoping a little more of Edge's guitar. Maybe they'll rework this live as they did with Yahweh, that would (will? ) be awesome... Even tho, I like it a lot. 7'5 or even 8 / 10
  10. In a couple of parts, the melody line follows the carol "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" almost exactly.

    ...perhaps why it's called "White As Snow"?
  11. To SLEEEEEEEEEEEP, the night shun out the stars

    Takes my breath away.