1. Not a special topic for this beauty yet, so here it is. Just listened to the Hersey-rehearsal for the first time. Goosebumps all over with the full band version running 6 minutes. A great shame they never performed it live in that way. It's different compared with the studio but great nevertheless.

    So Cruel is together with Ultraviolet the best song from Achtung Baby in my book, I would love to see it brought back to live again...as a full song, not a snippet (Although that won't be a bad thing either).

    EDIT: I dare to say it's among the best pieces of U2 ever...lovely lyrics too.
  2. rediscovered the song this week. A real beauty
  3. I just listened to this song today. Its class, fantastic lyrics. I think I can relate to it at the moment as well.

  4. All the best then, since the song isn't about a happy thought really.
  5. One of my favorites....the piano part and the lyrics are haunting...it's a dark beautiful song....good topic Casper
  6. Never heard the Hershey version but can't wait to check it out later. Yeah this song creeps up on me at random times, mainly at night. ahaha the drums are very hypnotic.
  7. A hidden gem on AB. I never gave it much thought at first, probably because it's kind of tucked away in between Wild Horses and The Fly. But it really is a stunning song.
  8. I have to say it's one of my favorites; then again I just love Achtung Baby anyhow.
  9. I love all the layers in it.
  10. So Cruel has my favourite U2 lyrics, I think. The bridge is genius. Then again, there is not one minute of Achtung Baby that I don't adore.