2011-06-24 - Glastonbury
Tour: Various Dates
Songs played: 20
Audio recordings: 1
  1. Yeah definitely Larry too early after the solo in fact it almost ends up during the solo and then it meant Edge was having to play catch up with the wah effect bit and everything was a bit off until Bono comes in where they could sort of regroup again.
  2. Nah Larry isn’t early, Edge’s slide solo is 16 bars long which is done in full. Larry goes straight to the hi hats which doesn’t really accent the first beat of the next bar
  3. So Larry’s not early but he plays the wrong thing?
  4. Originally posted by cyborgninja117:God that timing foul up is still horrendous to listen to, to this day. I still can’t figure out who is at fault, I’m leaning towards Larry though?

    What a rubbish note to start such a huge gig on. They did pretty well on the whole but did have more fluffs than usual that night.
    Wasn't there some technical failure involved? I remember reading something about the back in the day
  5. Looking back on this I get really pissed off with the Glastonbury 'elite'.

    Y'know these 'hippies' who rally against big businesses not paying their full taxes - which I agree with - and their 'save the planet' mantra whilst they go about drinking from plastic (beer) bottles, getting stoned on illegal drugs (who is not paying their taxes now huh?) and going on about 'saving the planet' whilst they leave their non-recyclable tents and mountains of litter as they trickle back to their safe non-festival lives getting stoned in their parent's houses.

    They had it in for U2 with their flags and inflatables and even when Bono starts to sing you can see that some scummy sod is trying to blind him with a laser pen - yeh, peace and love man peace and love!

    U2 didn't play at their top level but then again they were playing to a (mostly) non-U2 crowd (baying mob) so they were never going to have that support to bring the best out of them.

    Bad song choices aside (GOYB) it wasn't that great but fcuk the Glasto plastos!
  6. He hits a hi hat instead of a crash cymbal so it’s a wrong thing but he’s in time
  7. Got it, you can tell I’m not a drummer lol.
  8. I was at Glastonbury that year . I had been to Glastonbury 3 times beforehand . Seeing u2 there was like a dream come true . By the way if you haven’t been to Glastonbury, go . Unbelievable place and by far the best festival in the word .

    Back to the gig and what I can remember from it .

    It was a good u2 gig it wasn’t the big Glastonbury moment that I had imagined it to be. Seen u2 16 times and I’d say this gig was the worst one . It wasn’t bad, still better then any other concert other then a u2 one just wasn’t a great u2 gig.

    It was red hot , sunshine all day then when the night time came the heavens opened. Never seen rain like it . Ridiculous rain and it definitely effected the gig and the crowd.

    Morrisey was on before and was so boring and he was in a foul mood didn’t work well with the crowd

    I was right at the front . When ebttrt ends the crowd pans onto a group bouncing up and down, I was in there.

    That beginning was awful . It was terrible , 100 times worse then on tv trust me . Then they did the fly and it was unbelievable , sounded great , zoo tv visuals were great and the gig started to become great.

    I didn’t even notice the rough streets start there ,

    Gig went great up until Stay , love the song but at glasto it just killed the wet crowd . Bono’s voice went really low after that aswell , not sure if there was a technical problem he just went really quite . The pyramid stage has a reputation for bad sound . I was at the front so it must have been poor at the back

    Get on your boots shouldn’t have been played either

    Streets should have either been an opener which was rumoured or towards the end of the set .

    Yeah so like I said it was a good gig not the best u2 gig I’ve been to but still a good one

    The next day was sunny all day elbow supported Coldplay , elbow were great sun was shining and Coldplay smashed it to be fair , they were brilliant
  9. What setlist would you have gone with ?

    1 where the streets have no name
    2 I will follow
    3 beautiful day
    4 until the end of the world
    5 New Year’s Day
    6 still haven’t found what I’m looking for
    7 Sunday Bloody Sunday
    8 mysterious ways
    9 the fly
    10 sweetest thing
    11 angel of Harlem
    12 desire
    13 elevation
    14 bad
    15 pride
    16 with or without you

    17 even better then the real thing
    18 one
    19 vertigo