1. ...and west coast dates in May! Surprised - but hopeful - about the rumours of TWO nights in Vancouver. That rarely happens with ANY band (U2 be one of the exceptions, on occasion).

    Edit...If I could go back in time, one trek I would love to take is one of those Boston/Philly/NYC runs. July 2003 (or even September 2013) comes to mind.
  2. PJ Dublin rumour is June 22 2024. They haven't played there since 2010.
  3. +1

    Originally posted by djerdap:[..]
    They played 1 song from Gigaton.

    Any set that starts with Nothing as it Seems, Off He Goes, Footsteps and W.M.A. is great in my book. I’d hardly call it a greatest hits set.
  4. Spain & Portugal announced.
  5. Preview ^
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