1. Originally posted by Edwin_B:Jun2022 Estadio Santiago Bernabéu Madrid
    5 Jun 2022 Olympiastadion Munich
    Jun 2022 Anfield Liverpool
    Jun 2022 Johan Cruyff Arena Amsterdam
    Jun 25 2022 Hyde Park London
    Jul 3 2022 Hyde Park London
    Jul 19 2022 Groupama Stadium Lyon
    Jul 23 2022 Ernst Happel Stadion Vienna
    Bernabeu is being rebuilt and won't be ready until mid 2023 at the soonest, so this ain't true - or at least the venues aren't accurate. My friend Adrian confirmed it a few days ago:

  2. Yeah, Bjornulf on IORR has changed it to Atletico's stadium now
  3. An announcement Monday seems likely.

    It's crazy how many thread views IORR gets. The 2022 tour topic has 315k views since it started in August last year.
  4. Madrid is confirmed for June 1st. Let's hope GAs aren't too expensive lol

  5. Of course they will be these guys do smaller tours and play in the wealthiest markets and charge premium prices ,U2 have been doing the same on the last few tours ticket prices for the E&I tour were ridiculously expensive which backfired on them on some gigs in the US.
  6. I heard that in Belgium, cheapest tickets are € 150,00. Don't know if that's correct
  7. The press release specifies Madrid tickets will be between 50 and 280 € so I'm not too worried.
  8. Do the Stones usually have Golden Circle / Premium GA?