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favorite tour: Elevation Tour
"I was writing for a small alternative newspaper at the time and asked my editor if he was cool with me writing and asking for press cred. It was not cool. When I asked why he said, "Because I love you and I would do anything for you but we're a tiny, tiny newspaper and they're U2. I just don't want to see the look on your face when Bono tells you no." I told him to let me worry about my face and its looks, sent my request. A short while later my editor calls and leaves this message: So don't lose your mind, but I just picked up the mail. There's a letter for you from....take a deep breath...U2's staff telling you what addition stuff they need so they can give you press cred." Part of U2's image is one of being a friend to the "little guy." My experience is that that's not just marketing, that's really who they are. They aren't the real thing, they are most definitely an in all ways even better than the real thing. "
favorite show: 1997-12-12 - Seattle
"Pop was just way ahead of its time brilliance and I wanted to see them so badly for this show, but I couldn't get tickets. To make a very long story short, one hour before the show started a friend from the Irish pub I worked at rang to tell me that a series of events she'd explain later had resulted in her holding in her hand one ticket to the show. "And it's yours," she said. "I like U2 and I wouldn't mind seeing them sometime, but you LOVE U2. There's no way I'm going to a show and then coming back to tell you how amazing it was. Come and get your seat." And I did go and get my seat. And it wasn't just any seat way up i the nosebleeds. No. My seat was a 12th row center stage ticket that the band's staff had comped to a couple of Guinness reps who came to the pub I worked at. It doesn't get much more magical than that."
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"I always say Pop is my favorite and it is...until I remember listening to to Joshua Tree and realizing that once in the rarest of moments there come artists who can translate the human soul into a shape so undeniable, so honest, that it strikes mute the lie, the spell trauma tells some of us, the one that says, "Let sleeping souls lie. The only thing worse than blindness is seeing the monstrous thing I've done to what you were." And our heart, with complete clarity, declares that it is now safe for the soul ti wake. It sings to the soul the song sang to it and our beauty remembers itself, wakes, and knows it's finally safe to sing its own song again."
favorite song: Drowning Man
",It expresses the promise of love--that love we all want to sing us this song. I used to imagine this song played at my wedding."

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