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4 years ago
1 show during 1 tour

favorite tour: ZOO TV
"Everything came together perfectly here. It was such a change in direction yet fit so well with what they were doing in the studio. The performances were incredible. The tour was incredibly consistent too, it's just all round perfect to me."
favorite show: 1997-08-28 - Leeds
"EASILY Popmart's peak. Everything worked here, technically, instrumentally and vocally, coming together amazingly well. If only the rest of the tour was like this."
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"It just resonates with me, I could write an essay about why I love it to pieces. Every second fills me with so much joy, emotion, excitement or any of the above at the same time."
favorite song: City Of Blinding Lights
"Same reasons as Achtung honestly. It's a song which means so much to me, I think it's pretty much perfect. Honourable mention to Hold Me too which is my joint favourite with COBL but this one has more sentimental value to me."

about carbide
18 but a fan of U2 my whole life, my dad introduced them to me at a very young age (as in my first few years of existence) and naturally I've had a constant interest, they're one of the constants in my life as other interests have come and gone. I've been uploading U2 bootlegs onto my YouTube channel (Carbide) for a couple of years now - I'm hoping to cover a decent chunk of the band's best shows on my channel for easy access with timestamps, detailed descriptions and more.
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