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favorite tour: ZOO TV
"Great concept, great topic and the best albums ever to go on tour. Love the way the songs are played during this tour."
favorite show: 2015-10-17 - Cologne
"This is my first and (so far) only U2 show. Nothing comes close to the experience I had there."
favorite album: Achtung Baby
"Every single song is a highlight to me, I love the flow of the album. LIB and Acrobat are just magic."
favorite song: Bad
"Beautiful story, beautiful music. Although I'm quite down to earth myself, this song takes me places. Stunning piece of art."

about jochem
My name is Jochem, I live in the beautiful city of Enschede, Netherlands. I study Forensic Science there. My hobbies are jogging, watching sports and playing a computer game so now and then. The sports I am into are soccer, motorsports (mainly F1 and WEC) and rugby. The last one joined my list recently, RWC2015 really opened my eyes to this amazing sport. And then, surprisingly, there's U2. I got introduced to the band some two years ago by watching a short clip of Mike Masse, an American guy covering some famous artists. I heard Red Hill Mining Town and was blown away. I wanted to know more about that song, the rest is history. With help of my friend Harm, also known as 'Kerstkaas' on this site, I discovered the discography of U2. And after the discography I wanted more, I went looking on the web for live shows. That's how I ended up here. Over the course of two years my collection got bigger and bigger. Not a single day went past without U2. Since I attended the I+E tour in Cologne (17-10) my love for U2 got ginormous.
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