the U2start crew

U2start cannot function without it's crew, who are responsible for maintaining the website and keeping everything going smoothly on a day-to-day basis. We are be happy to introduce them all to you:

Remy (
Remy, The Netherlands (remy at

Remy founded U2start in 2006 and it ended up being a hobby that grew out of hand a bit! Remy still has to see the day in his life since without visiting the site.

Chris, The Netherlands (risto at

Chris joined U2start in 2009 and has been a great asset to the team. Thanks to Chris we have introduced great things like LiveTopics and a brand new show catalogue. Chris is mainly working on website development, management and working with Remy on the future of U2start.

Marta, Portugal

Marta has a passion for photos, and uploaded quite a few of them in her time on U2start. She helps us maintaining our archive.

Nataly, Brazil

If you ask a random U2start photo fan who he or she thinks uploaded the most photos in our collection, the answer probably will be Nataly. We are happy to have her on board to keep it the best collection in the world.

Chicago, United States

Matt has been around for many years on U2start and helps us create featured content such as background articles and in-depth stories around U2.

Gerard, Ireland

A U2start fan from the start, our culture keeper, always keeping an eye on what's going on. Gerard always had and will have great value for U2start, for which we are him eternally grateful.

Paul, Wales

Paul has been around on U2start for a long while and helps with anything where help is needed to make our community even greater than it already is.

Joeri, Netherlands

Joeri has been a longtime U2 fan and creates great content for the U2 community along with co-hosting and founding the U2start podcast.

Joyce, The Netherlands

Our bootleg collection would not have the level of detail, structure and quality without Joyce's tireless efforts. Thanks to her efforts U2start is evolving from a place where you can download shows to a vast library of all U2 audio recordings ever existed.

Sergio, Spain

One of our most involved fans in the history of U2start. Sergio always has great ideas, great content, and a forever lasting presence. There wouldn't be a U2start without Sergio.

Tim, England

Tim is always eager to share more with U2 fans, which is why he focusses a lot on including sample recordings in our audio recordings and making sure all the show info is correct.

Drew, Australia

Drew is one of our longtime members and knows U2start better than a lot of others. Drew will be helping us maintaining our huge show collection and also keep an eye on the forum activity.

Nicole, United States

Nicole is primarily involved in maintaining our show collection.

César, Mexico

César helps out with anything that is U2 and U2start related, his primary efforts concern how to make our show collection better and available to more fans.

Davide, Italy

Davide has a background in programming and is eager to help out where he can in making U2start an even better place for U2 fans.

Ethan, Australia

Ethan has been a longtime member on U2start and knows music better than others, being a musician himself. He helps us taking U2start news and updates to Australia as well as the other way around!