U2start live show

U2 = live, there is no way around that. U2 shows are among the greatest. That's why we have came up with an idea called U2start live show, which basically revolves around U2 shows and fans. Live show is a way of (re)living a U2 show online, with all information you could want available. Live audio, live setlist, social media and of course the U2start forum. That in a nutshell is U2start live show.

what kind of live shows are there?

There are basically just two kind of live shows:

  • Live: U2 is performing tonight in London from 21:00 PM GMT to 23:00 PM GMT. In the forum topic on this show you will find live social media, an automatically updated setlist from the show, general show information, links to audio/video streams (where available) and while enjoying all this media you can also chat live with other U2 fans using Live Topics in our forums.

  • On-demand: U2start will organise on-demand shows once in a while, which will be held in a specific forum topic on a specific time. On this time you can listen live to the bootleg of a U2 show (we may decide to not make this information public, guess what show it is!). The audio bootleg will be broadcasted using an online radio station. Meanwhile you can read tweets on this show and chat live with other U2 fans using Live Topics in our forums.

All this functionality will be available for the entire show without having to refresh your browser, which is the great thing about U2start live show.

how do I know when a live show is taking place?

We will announce these on the show pages, the frontpage and of course on the forums.

where can I find a live show when it's taking place?

In the forum topic (which you can find on the sources mentioned above), there is general information on when the live show is taking place like date and time (with timezone conversion to your local time).

I don't like it being in the heading of footer of the topic, what else?

Update your browser to a modern one (like Google Chrome), and make sure you have a widescreen monitor. Then, open up the live show page and you'll see that it will be nicely positioned on the right as a sider.