using recording search

U2start features a very powerful way of searching for recordings, which can be audio and video recordings of any show (or even not related to a show). You can find our recording search on the frontpage of the shows section of U2start. The recording search allows you to combine search queries for:

  • Tour - The name of a tour.
    Examples: 360, Vertigo, Lovetown
  • Show - A year, date, city, location, country or venue.
    Examples: 2000, Wembley, 1990-01-10 - Rotterdam, Greece
  • Name - The name of a recording.
    Examples: Remaster, sing your heart out
  • Origin - The origin of a recording, of which there can be more than one.
    Examples: Audience microphone, ALD, IEM, Soundboard, HDTV Broadcast
  • Quality - The (minimum or exact) sound quality of a recording, from 1 to 5.
    Examples: 5, 4.5, 1
  • Credit - The name of a taper, a remasterer or any other person who can get credits.
    Examples: loftarasa, M!les, Giuseppe Pastorelli
  • Equipment - The name of equipment, which can be a recording device, software or a microphone.
    Examples: Edirol R-09, Sony, Audacity


Two powerful examples of what you can do with recording search (of course you can use just one search parameter too!):