social media and RSS feeds

In order to keep up to date with what's happening on U2start or in the U2 world in general, you can connect with us through social media or through our RSS feeds. The social media speak for themselves, the RSS feeds you can use to automatically be notified in case of certain events, for instance news headlines or new audio recordings.

U2start can be found on social media via:

iCalendar feed

If you don't want to miss any U2 show dates, you can add our iCal feed to your calendar. This works for Outlook, Google Calendar and mobile devices such as those on iOS. It will automatically add and synchronise U2 show dates to your calendar.

For Outlook, use webcall:// as URL.


You can subscribe to RSS feeds via your browser, or via third-party tools like Feedly.


We have 3 headline feeds, the first one for all English U2 websites and the second one for all U2 websites that we fetch news from. Included are the latest headlines with their descriptions.

English headline feed
All headline feed

You can also fetch the headlines from a website you desire:


We have the following show feeds, the first one for the latests/future show dates, the second for recent bootleg activity and the third one for show tickets.

Recent and future shows
Recently added audio recordings and upgrades
Recently added show tickets for sale or to trade


With the photo RSS feed you can fetch the latest added high resolution photos.

Photo feed


With the first two forum feeds you can either fetch the most recent opened topics or the active topics as displayed on the active topics page.

Latest topics
Active topics