2001-10-10 - South Bend, Indiana - Joyce Center


  1. Beautiful Day
  2. Until The End Of The World / Two Tribes (snippet)
  3. New Year's Day
  4. When Will I See You Again (snippet) / Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
  5. What's Going On
  6. New York
  7. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
  8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  9. Kite
  10. Angel Of Harlem
  11. Staring At The Sun
  12. Bad / Molly Malone (snippet)
  13. Psalm 116 (snippet) / Where The Streets Have No Name
  14. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  15. With Or Without You / Shine Like Stars (snippet)

  16. encore(s):
  17. Elevation / Creep (snippet)
  18. Mysterious Ways / Sexual Healing (snippet)
  19. One / Peace On Earth (snippet)
  20. Walk On
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songs per album

  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind (6)
  2. Achtung Baby (3)
  3. The Joshua Tree (3)
  4. War (2)
  5. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  6. Other songs (1)
  7. Rattle and Hum (1)
  8. Pop (1)

best song performances

  1. Beautiful Day (14 votes)
  2. What's Going On (5 votes)
  3. Bad (5 votes)
  4. Until The End Of The World (4 votes)
  5. Walk On (4 votes)
  6. With Or Without You (3 votes)
  7. New York (3 votes)
  8. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (3 votes)

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1 from Ohio: jd45177
1 from California: sipemofo
1 from New York: majsmith

review by CMIPalaeo

4 years ago


Excellent. The band are in top form.


Great soundboard recording. I have to point out that as Staring at the Sun ends, the very beginning of Bad fades in but abruptly cuts off to silence, and the next track starts with building applause, and then Bad starts. While it doesn't really detract from what is an amazingly good show and recording, it's a bit jarring. I imagine it was probably where the recording was split onto two CDs...?


Clearly enthusiastic, singing along and chanting. Since it's a soundboard recording, the audience aren't very prominent, but are still audible. I like that; they are still a presence but they don't overpower the band.


An amazing show, every song is delivered to its fullest.
the whole show, really. I've only listened to a couple of other Elevation recordings but this one will be very hard to beat.

Here are some of the standouts:
-Beautiful Day (a bit more like the album version than some live performances, I thought, which was pretty cool)
-Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of (the best live performance of it I've yet heard)
-What's Going On
-New York
-Bad/Molly Malone
-With or Without You/Shine Like Stars
-Walk On (there is a snippet of Grace at the very end of it, about 30 seconds before the track finishes. Very neat.)

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