1984-10-23 - Nantes, France - St. Herblain


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songs per album

  1. The Unforgettable Fire (7)
  2. War (6)
  3. Boy (2)
  4. October (2)

best song performances

  1. Indian Summer Sky (7 votes)

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review by CMIPalaeo

5 years ago


The performance starts off really great. Adam's bass stands out really well, check out Wire for a prime example.

Very good performance of MLK, which has never been a song I've much cared for, and The Unforgettable Fire is great too. Bono says something at the beginning of it but it's hard to tell what -- almost sounds like he's reciting something.

Edge's guitar work in Surrender is shrill and superb, and Bono adds a few words to the song. Two Hearts Beat As One and Seconds are just as strong. Following this spate of War songs, A Sort of Homecoming has a post-punk sound.

Indian Summer Sky is the real treat of this concert. Such a good song -- my personal favourite of The Unforgettable Fire -- I can't see why it was so rarely played.

New Year's Day is very good, with a strange sounding guitar part early in.

Pride is good but not amazing -- although Adam's bass is phenomenal, just shaking your whole head at some places.


Pretty good, but just a tad disappointing for a soundboard boot. The sound is clear, but not truly great. It doesn't detract from the show much, fortunately.
Recording: Soundboard - 5 stars


Hard to hear them, except kind of faintly at the ends of songs. They seem to be enjoying the show though. They clap along in MLK.


Very good show, quite strong. The end of The Electric Co fades out early and the start of Bad is cut. Probably the best Unforgettable Fire concert I've yet heard.

- 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
- Wire
- The Unforgettable Fire
-Two Hearts Beat As One
-Seconds (best version I've heard so far!)
- A Sort of Homecoming (very punkish sound, like how the song would've sounded if they'd made it for War)
-Indian Summer Sky
-New Year's Day

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