1992-03-15 - Providence, Rhode Island - Providence Civic Center


Performance notes: Bono sings an early version of Hear Us Coming at the end of One, before which he dedicates the song to Bob Marley.
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songs per album

  1. Achtung Baby (10)
  2. The Joshua Tree (5)
  3. Rattle and Hum (2)
  4. The Unforgettable Fire (2)

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review by carbide

1 year ago


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It's perfectly listenable.
Recording: "SONY WM-D3 w/stock mini-mic (1GEN)" - 4 stars


This part is only rated, not commented on


15/3/1992 - Providence, Rhode Island - This review has spoilers
This show alternated to the band trying new things out in songs to being a mostly standard Zoo TV show at first glance.. There isn’t much to say about the first few songs, everything was pretty normal up until One, at which you can make out one or two lyrics from the Hear Us Coming verse, even though it was sung completely differently. The B-stage set is very solid too, and Bad is an absolutely great version, with a great Fade Away section, and this is the first time Zoo TV Bad has had a snippet other than All I Want Is You. Running To Stand Still has Bono be more daring on the choruses, and Streets is a great version too. I’ve saved the best thing until last here. The encore is absolutely perfect, maybe even the best Zoo TV encore I’ve heard so far. Bono’s on top form on Desire, Ultra Violet and With or Without You, the final one there having an amazing Shine Like Stars snippet, and the first two having just generally fantastic, emotion filled vocal performances. Love is Blindness comes on, and it starts as a pretty standard version. Not an issue with the vocals, as expected, he generally does great here. Then the solo hits. I’m fucking blown away. This Love is Blindness solo is absolutely filled to the brim with emotion, anger, sadness, defeat and so many more things. Edge just doesn’t stop with this one. He keeps going for around a minute straight, and ends it perfectly by bringing back the keyboard riff from the beginning of the song, which is the most perfect way to end Love is Blindness. That encore left such an impression on me, I just want more from this tour, it’s absolutely mindblowing.

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