1. Did you know that handsome lad has a band too?
  2. Replacing Noel Gallagher in opening slot for Dublin shows...
  3. Thanks. I like it. Didn't know he is a singer in a band. This is another video by Inhaler:
  4. They played yesterday...
    I've seen Jordan and Eve there, not sure if dad was around too

  5. I think john was there as well. incredible to see the kids up on the stage suddenly... apparently levi is also recording something somewhere.
  6. now he just needs to start climbing things during songs
  7. Putting aside the obvious likeness to his Dad in so many ways, I'm really quite impressed.

    I Want You has a late 80's / early 90's Manchester indie vibe going on which is never a bad thing in my book. Someone's definitely been listening to The Stone Roses and whatnot methinks. I reckon they could have a bright future ahead of them if they want it.

    Nice faithful cover of the sacred cow that is Love Will Tear Us Apart there too. Will be looking out for more.
  8. Oh god .. here we go.

    I don't like "I want You" all that much but I'm in l o v e with the other song they posted / taped during a rehearsal the other day.

    YouTube recommended it to me based on my " behaviour," and no regrets listening to it.
  9. Is the bootleg up yet?