Stories of Surrender Tour
Legs (3): Promo appearances, 2022, 2023
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  1. Ok so, in order to stop cluttering the latest news and other threads, let's centralize all things regarding Bono's solo little tour in this topic.

    Bono's hitting the road for the SURRENDER memoir book tour!

    Next month, the 14-city book tour - titled 'Stories of Surrender' - will be making its way across North America and Europe for a limited run of theatre dates, starting November 2 in New York City. So find your closest city, mark your calendar, and make your plan to join Bono live and in person… with just a story between you and U2's iconic frontman.

    Bono's upcoming memoir SURRENDER: 40 Songs, One Story is out everywhere November 1. SURRENDER reveals the story of Bono's life… from his childhood on Cedarwood Road, U2's journey all the way from Larry's kitchen, Bono's long love story with his wife Ali, his faith, activism and more.

    "I miss being on stage and the closeness of U2's audience," says Bono. "In these shows I've got some stories to sing, and some songs to tell…”
  2. 'Stories of Surrender' - an evening of words, music and some mischief…

    Tickets go on sale on Friday, October 7 at 10am local times.

    New York, Boston & Toronto – 10am EDT = 3pm BST (7am PDT)

    Chicago & Nashville – 10am CDT = 4pm BST (11am EDT & 8am PDT)

    San Francisco & Los Angeles – 10am PDT = 6pm BST (1pm EDT)

    Berlin, Paris & Madrid / 10am local = 9am BST / 4am EDT & 1am PDT.

    London, Glasgow, Manchester & Dublin – 10am BST / 5am EDT & 2pm PDT

    (PS. Paid subscriber to Keep an eye on your mailbox….)


    Good luck to all trying to get tickets for these very special events
  3. Good spot that Serge. Hopefully it's a typo. Thanks
  4. Good luck ticket hunters. The lottery of all lotteries.
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  6. This will be an absolute nightmare to get tickets for
  7. Because I'm mischievous bro. Just like Bonos speaking tour. See what l did?
  8. Are there actually any ticket prices listed? All I can see is dynamic pricing saying prices may fluctuate pending demand