1. I was there. My second opening night after Lakeland in 92. Remember thinking it was a technical glitch when they walked out with the house lights on. Then remember thinking the tour was over when Bono fell off the cat walk during UTEOTW. Overall it was amazing night. Felt they played well and was fun to see so much excitement for them again.
    Thought a few nights later I was at Atlanta and it was even better gig. Met Daniel Lanois in the heart and he actually talked to me and my friend which was cool. Answered our dumb fan questions
  2. Elevation tour is one of my favorite tours & eras in general. Opening with the house lights on and the more conventional stage was a great way to show that at the end of the day they're still 4 people who just love to play music together in front of an audience and provide the best live experience. I also love Bono's voice in this tour.
  3. and obviously the tour & the album took a whole new meaning eventually..
  4. I never noticed Bono doing the solo at the end of Gone, he even does it on the Boston film and I never saw it lol
  5. theres a solo in bad? i think that's just "another part" lol
  6. Yep a tour about the music and not the visuals,that is why this tour was so amazingly good.