1. hey i think im like the only one that hasn't heard Mercy...

    could someone please give me the link to download it coz i've heard it's a top song
  2. thanks heaps mate
  3. Can you reupload it please? Thanks!
  4. ...
  5. Thanks a lot!
  6. Originally posted by theedge123Thanks a lot!

    And do you like it already?
  7. On youtube someone made a great video:

    It's really nice! As is the song!
  8. Originally posted by MirrorballBoyOn youtube someone made a great video: [YouTube Video]
    It's really nice! As is the song!

    i like the vid! its really cool.

    my god this song has to be on the new album. ive been listening to it constantly for over the best part of a year now. i would KILL to hear it live.

  9. Nice little tune. I'd also like to hear it live, but in a different way. Obviously the one we got was not finished.

    Speaking of unfinished songs does anyone have any stuff like Mercy, you know - rare/unreleased like demos from other albums?
  10. This is probably a very unpopular opinion for me to have.....but I don't like Mercy.

    I think it's way too repetitive, and it sounds like a U2 is covering a Coldplay song. The melody line is the same for way too long, and the lyrics are (in my opinion) cheesy and don't have that typical Bono-ness to them. The best part is the chorus, but even that doesn't really go anywhere we haven't heard them go before. There's nothing that really jumps out about this song. I'm really hoping that it gets a lot of work and undergoes some major changes before getting put on the new release.

    Just my two cents....
  11. The same mush as the last two albums. Decent song, nothing special.