1. Hahaha, that's sick. And I thought I had a pretty interesting youtube channel! That Matt Lee guy plays a different game As @welsh_edge says he must be getting free tickets, otherwise I just can't understand how he ends up in Pit A for the whole tour lol. Having written a book it makes all the sense in the world that he is given free tix by the band.
  2. He often uploads to youtube during the show or minutes after the show. given the very slow connection at certain venues some people think that he might be allowed to use the Stones' or venues' infrastructure.
    Anyway, it's amazing.
    Matt not only wrote a book, he also has a great collection and helped the Rolling Stones with items for their exhibition.
    I met him in Düsseldorf a few years ago, great guy!
  3. This song is 50 years old and I guess I never cared for it a whole lot but this version kinda blows me away, knowing the age of the guys. Mick is even going for the high notes (which to my memory he skipped for the last 30 years). I'd say this would make U2 jealous

  4. Wonder how much Julien got selling that to Empress Valley
  5. Bill Wyman is rumoured to have played/be playing bass in the upcoming Stones album

  6. Finally, their last album must be soon!