1. Forum to discuss what you would want with this, the odds of it, etc.

    I LOVE this album so I am hoping they reissue it!! Even though it is unlikely... But hey you never know!
  2. Don't think so, if it wasn't reissued on the 20th anniversary like The Joshua Tree was, it won't be. It's always been the black sheep of the family together with Pop.
  3. They'll reissue Pop hopefully, with all the tracks redone and a couple discs of strange out takes and a live show! I wish anyway..
  4. R&H remastered with all the point depot Sydney shows would be nice too
  5. The article on U2.com made me think this might be a possibility.
  6. I have no problem with it as long as it doesn't interfere with the new album. And as long as it has a point depot proshot and a Sydney CD I'll be more than happy!
  7. Like any reissue, I'm also concerned about what live content comes with it. Remastered studio tracks are often overrated.
  8. When a release date for the R&H Anniversary is set, I would love to get my hands on a deluxe edition:

    Disc 1: Remastered original album
    Disc 2: B-Sides, remixes and out takes (A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel, God Pt 2 Remixes, etc.)
    Liner notes by The Edge

    As for the Super Deluxe edition:

    All those mentioned above but plus a complete DVD of the entire Point Depot New Years Eve Lovetown show, music videos from this era, various R&H non-tour performances, etc.
  9. Just release the effin Point Depot in full and leave the rest untouched

  10. I would have to say that unless they release Point Depot as a Bluray/DVD, I would rather them release another show in pristine quality as a CD instead, cause we already have four brilliant radio broadcasts or soundboards for the Dublin shows.. I'd much prefer a professionally mixed soundboard of one of the Sydney shows or Osaka or something over a minimal upgrade on shows that are practically CD quality anyway
  11. Well, they screwed us on the AB reissue (Sydney AGAIN) so I wouldn't get my hopes up for something different.
  12. I am still hoping that this will only be released if it doesn't interfere with the new album..