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17 years ago
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favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour 2017
"It got to see one of my favorite albums come to life. I was 3 when the original tour happened so it was a dream come true to experience those songs in all their glory."
favorite show: 2017-05-14 - Seattle
"I got to have Bad performed literally in front of my face, followed by the entire JT album, and then The Little Things...PERFECT! "
favorite album: Songs Of Experience
"I can't explain it, but the sounds, the lyrics, the bass...I LOVE it!"
favorite song: Bad
"Self explanatory, in my opinion."

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I'm a 40 year old mom from South Carolina. I've been a fan of U2 since 1997. My first concert was in Atlanta during the Popmart Tour. I was 13. I've seen every tour since.
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