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4 years ago
15 shows during 9 tours
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favorite tour: Unforgettable Fire Tour
"They will never be as good as that first show. It was religion. It was spirtual. Sorry I booed Lone Justice and Maria McKee!"
favorite show: 1985-04-22 - Philadelphia
"First show. Amazing. Bad was so...good."
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"JT is part of me, in my DNA. It led me to the desert. It chimes inside of me. "
favorite song: A Sort Of Homecoming
"The pure poetry of it. I could listen to it every day. I wish they could perfect it live but it's close. "Bad" is a close second. "

about poolboy
Fan since War. First album that hooked me: Under a Blood Red Sky. First Tour: Unforgettable Fire Philly 4/22/85. Favorite song: A Sort of Homecoming. Favorite album: Joshua Tree. I've seen them every tour. at least once. Moved to Arizona because of Joshua Tree album. Songs to be played at the spreading of my ashes (!): Homecoming (album / live / Danny Lanois remix), Bad (album, live), entire Joshua Tree, Kite, One. Whoever is listening, you can play more. Other bands I like: REM, Sigur Ros, Trashcan Sinatras, lots of 80s bands...
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