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U2C will go to U2's show in Atlanta on 2018-05-28
U2C will go to U2's show in Nashville on 2018-05-26
Manonbdt went to to U2's show in Brussels on 2017-08-01
valtellina74 went to to U2's show in Turin on 2015-09-05

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2017-10-25 - Sao Paulo by Kelvin_Alfaia rated

"The band looked tired after a long tour, but excited for a final touring show. The high ticket prices drove out fans with less money and who could not attend, leaving an apathetic middle class in the warm public of the last show of the tour." Continue reading »

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1985-05-27 - Munster, Germany
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1985-05-25 - Adenau/Koblenz, Germany
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