1992-03-18 - East Rutherford, New Jersey - Brenden Byrne Arena

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show attendees: 14

New York
New Jersey
3 users from New York: EDDMB, darkeststar29, lastniteonearth
2 from New Jersey: DavePoptart, minimalist
1 from United Arab Emirates: iambic
1 from California: KenL
1 from Vermont: danalhf
1 from Maryland: bridonohue
1 from New Hampshire: teambud33
1 from United Kingdom: alsy01
1 from Connecticut: numda01
1 from Georgia: blueeyedboy
1 from Virginia: REEFER

review by Bullet_Blue

1 year ago


Since Bono starts singing "I could have lost you" in Zoo Station you understand it's gonna be a special show, fantastic from the first song till the last one.


A quite-good 3.5/4 stars quality except Angel Of Harlem (but fortunately it's barely a highlight, so who cares?) and Desire
Recording: "Unknown Analogue Generation" - 3 stars


This part is only rated, not commented on


Highlights: Zoo Station, Mysterious Ways, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (excellent), Bad, With Or Without You

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