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57 shows during 11 tours
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2001-05-16 - Chicago
"The show/setlist are great.The band do.."
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The Joshua Tree
EDDMB heard 11 songs from the The Joshua Tree album live.
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fan of the month interview
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favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour
"Saw this tour 10X in 1987......Streets opener was always chilling to me..."
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"An absolute masterpiece.."
favorite song: Bad
"Its epic live..especially in 1985......."

about EDDMB
Born NYC, live in beautiful Boca Raton, FL. Lived in Manhattan (TriBeCa), NYC 40 years. Married , 4 children. I have been a fan of U2 since 1982. The Long Island station WLIR used to play I will Follow and Gloria non stop back in '82 . Grabbed the NYD single , and that was that . Hooked and couldn't wait for War to be released. Favorite period:1983-1988.
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