1. I'd like to know which rendition of Sunday is the best for you.
    Please don't say the one of Rattle And Hum, Denver 1987-11-08... I know you were going to do

    I've listened to about 400 versions and I choose the one in East Rutherford, Conspiracy of Help tour, 1986-06-15... It's very similar to the Rattle version, but it has more energy AND more audience! I love the "Sundayyy Bloody Sundaaaayyy" sung by 40.000 people...

    I also love the Red Rocks rendition, one of the classics...

    Which one do u choose?

  2. Sarajevo.It was the first performance by Edge and it is truly emotional.
  3. i realy like the dvd version from boston!


    i love that version
  4. Slane.

    After Omagh.
  5. I'll go for Live Aid. The power of that version!
  6. Slane indeed...
  7. I just choosed for Live Aid, but i must agree slane is awesome too! it had everything! But I choosed for Live Aid because I saw it much less than the slane version. And they play it faster! But it could be that I''l choose for slane in a while!
  8. Slane 2001 with the names of the Omagh victims at the end. I've got the audio on my iPod. Gives me shivers every time.
  9. Slane was easily the best version of the song they played on the Elevation tour, except maybe once in NYC
  10. rattle n hum dvd version for for me - "fuck the revolution"
    also beunos aires 2006 version with that cool rock the casbah snippet.
  11. Arnhem 2001, the first Arnhem show. Sunday Bloody Sunday's duration is over 10 minutes and Bono is really really getting angry, this version is so cool because of that, the emotion of Bono is driving the whole song.

    It's not the best (I can't choose) but it's a good one.

    Oh and for Slane, that one is really awesome too!
  12. yeah Ive got the Arnhem boot, its f'in long. The performances didnt start getting really long til Vertigo.

    I'd have to name Red Rocks the best. Slane comes next, then R&H