1. Listened to it a few times, it's growing on me.. I'd like to hear a longer version, maybe with a middle eight, some chord changes or an actual guitar solo, perhaps a third verse..all in all I dig it though. Just seems very short with the two verses and choruses then all the high notes toward the end
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    I always thought October was their worst album, but Songs Of Ignorance is putting up a really tough fight. I think this new song is ok. But just to show how people's opinions vary, I still love Stuck In A Moment as a classic song, but the venom on this site for it is real. Some just don't like U2's cheesy pop side. Had Invisible, Crystal Ballroom, Lucifer's Hands, and the original Ordinary Love, the acoustic Breaking Wave been on the actual album, and maybe had California's intro been shortened, SOI would've probably avoided worst album for me, but the way it was released, it is. This new song is what it is, a track for a kid's movie, and I may grow to like it more, but the last 15 years we keep hearing about new sounds, but it's the same old thing and style. SOE is better, but Book Of Your Heart is more proof they are terrified of putting the best songs on the actual albums. Yearning for hits that never come for over 40 acts. Uh, over 50 acts, uh, ancient acts. Pop hits are difficult for those over 35 these days, and their chasing for hits would be like me trying to go to a club filled with 18 year old girls expecting to get a date. Foolish.

  3. When is the vinyl release
  4. Looking forward to the remixes myself.
  5. I’ve been back on a U2 kick thanks to this song. 🥰
  6. I’m always on a U2 kick but this has got me a bit more hyped up, especially with the AB anniversary coming up combining listening to this with the polar opposite of AB is actually quite refreshing. Unlike other people who think this is just a song for a film I think this could be a new direction for the band and i’m quite excited about it. I love the piano in general and if Edge is going to come up with more songs on it then I’ll be happy to listen to them. Not saying I don’t still hope for a couple of edge guitar solo’s in the next album but I’m definitely expecting a good few of these acoustic full band songs. Still only sounding better with each listen as well.
  7. I was on a road trip yesterday with my girl (she's a casual fan, she's been to 5 or 6 concerts with me and she enjoys most U2 stuff, especially SOI, SOE and the classics, JT, AB, etc) and I decided to give YSSML a spin in a casual, absolutely non biased way. The song ended and my gf told me "I know you love them, but this song is pretty shitty isn't it?".
  8. I really like the song. I liked it from the beginning, but I like it even more now. Incidentally, so does the wife, who's a Depeche Mode fan and can be very critical of new U2 material, and so do the 6 and 4 yo kids.

    @Likeasong Different GFs, different tastes!

    I hope the new album can also be fresh and melodic. SOI and SOE are pretty good, but - to me - they sound a bit strained at times.
  9. Originally posted by JuJuman:@Likeasong Different GFs, different tastes!

    I hope the new album can also be fresh and melodic. SOI and SOE are pretty good, but - to me - they sound a bit strained at times.
    Haha definitely

    If fresh and melodic means poppy and insipid like this tune or half of SOE then I'm not into it
  10. It's been a while! Came by as there's new U2 out and thought I'd give my two cents!

    ...and that's about what I'd pay for this song!

    Until next time!

    Haha. In all seriousness, it's fine. Would I ever listen to it again? Probably not. Would I ever put it on for anyone else to hear? Definitely not. It sounds like a song written for a movie like this, and that's fine, but if we're really going to judge it as "a new U2 song" - well, I'd rather not because it'd be hard to be nice about it. It's also mainly "a new Bono song", IMO.

    I'll always say that from an artistic standpoint, U2 should've closed up shop with Window in the Skies.

    I say that in despite of the fact that I only became a fan around the time that song came out - meaning yes, I never would've been able to see them live all the times I have now - and despite the fact that they've put out many songs since then that I've liked.

    But yeah, they still haven't managed to put something out since then that's warranted its own existence. Bono's always going on about "why does anyone need another U2 song?" - the funny thing is, the answer to that question hasn't been one he'd want to hear since Window in the Skies came out.

    All my opinion, of course.
  11. Man, so apparently Window In The Skies isn't a well liked song either? I rather enjoyed it. I'm also seeing a lot of shots at October too. To put my fandom in context, I became a fan in 1996. And the order in which I learned about U2 and listened to the albums was TUF, JT, AB, Boy, October, War, Zooropa. And I didn't spin JT and AB a lot in the early days of my fandom. The big ones were Boy, October, War, like a LOT, and I'm sure that October got more time that War. So all three of those hold a place in my heart, and really if you listen to October in it's context is it really such a bad album? How would you have performed if your 6 months of lyrics had been stolen? It's very tough / unfair almost stacking albums up against each other and ranking them because each is a snapshot on it's own. Like can you listen to October and go "Achtung Baby is way better!" as if to slam the 1981 U2 for not whipping out an Acrobat or So Cruel? Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, listened to it about another 10 times this weekend and I really like it!