1. Just started, Bono saying he is 5’7” is kinda hilarious. I’ve stood next to him and my guess is 5’4” hahahaha

    I do love how he writes so far
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    I was at that 12th August show.Don’t forget,Bono has artistic license to mess around with facts,dates etc I think someone mentioned the first time his Da saw him play was different to what he mentioned and checked the bootlegs.I mean we all thought he got married on the 21st August 1982,then it transpired it was 31st,according to Bono anyway lol

    The man probably knows when he got married...
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    For someone who can’t remember the lyrics he wrote, he sure can recall a lot of fine details from 1978.

    Improvisation. Plenty of acts do it live
  4. Finished the book. Fascinating read. Will be essential, with U2 by U2 and U2 at the end ofnthe world.
    The last third is the weakest but on the other hand, his activism is much better presented than Mishka Assaya's Bono on Bono.
  5. Totally agree with that ! The Assayas account of his activism gave it no justice
  6. Up to City of Blinding Lights (33) and have found the section on his activism interesting. It’s refreshing to hear his point of view and to witness his humility in admitting where he got it wrong or learned a different view from others.
  7. I felt he was trying rather hard to cement that part of his legacy. Justification perhaps. A lot of name dropping of some rather unsavoury characters. His dismissing the Iraq War as ‘Tony Blair’s unpopular war’ was kinda horrible. Such wars waged by Bono’s western mates directly create a lot of the human issues which Bono’s activism was intended to tackle.
  8. Well you know what he said...he believes Blair is (well, was) sincere, but that he is, sincerely, wrong.

  9. Got my copy today!!

  10. Looks they shared the whole thing
  11. I am so happy I got the audio book with Bono reading it.....really adds to it, especially when he breaks into song and also chuckles at himself....overall, it is a great story and I just couldn't love him any more!!