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9 shows during 3 tours
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favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour
"Although I should say Vertigo tour, My first concert, I grew up from the age of 2 watching the Rattle And Hum movie so that's why it's my favorite tour."
favorite show: 2006-11-10 - Sydney
"My first concert, not only by U2, but my first concert ever. Still have the shirt and don't remember much about it, I was only 7. I do remember when the went into Until the End of the World I lost it was my favorite at that time."
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"Not a crap song on it. Its been in my life since i knew what a CD was"
favorite song: One
"It's one of those song that I've resonated with for all these years. The music is beautiful and the lyrics are Bono at his best, In my opinion."

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