Male, 57
Lives in:
United Kingdom
Sainsburys PFS
Music, Guitars, Football, Books, Art, Sea
11 years ago
18 shows during 8 tours
personal record

favorite tour: Boy Tour
"Demelza's, Penzance, Cornwall. Boy was still to be released. I was just 17, they blew my mind. No turning back."
favorite show: 2005-10-10 - New York
"Coinciding with my first visit to NYC, this was the 3rd and final show (for me) of the 5 night stand at MSG. "A 40 minutes version of Bad" followed by '40' provided a perfect finale I will never forget."
favorite album: The Unforgettable Fire
"I didn't like War, much, it felt a bit formulaic, I wondered what's next? The Unforgettable Fire opened the sky and the horizon beckoned..."
favorite song: A Sort Of Homecoming
"For me, a song of longing to find a home that isn't really there. Not in this life anyway."