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2017-05-14 - Seattle
"This was my tenth show. I usually go t.."
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The Joshua Tree
youshine heard 11 songs from the The Joshua Tree album live.
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favorite tour: Joshua Tree Tour
"Hands down the best U2 album/tour. I know people like to argue achtung baby or all that you can't leave behind. Some might through in unforgettable fire. I feel that Josua tree is what made the band one of the greatest rock bands of all time. It brought them out of a smaller touring band to a global success. "
favorite show: 1987-10-06 - Cleveland
"My first U2 show with my Dad, brother and best friend. I have not missed a tour since. It might not be the best show I have seen musically but the nostalgia of it and the grandness of it makes it significant. This years Seattle show could be one of the best over all shows I have seen musically and energy or Denver 2001"
favorite album: The Joshua Tree
"The album that really sealed it for me as a fan. I had been a fan long before 1987 but it was my first U2 tour and one of the first CD's I purchased since CD's came out about that time. "
favorite song: New Year's Day
"Just an Iconic song that when played it brings me to the core of U2. It reminds me of the early 80's when a friend turned me onto the band. Everytime I hear it live or studio it sounds the same. That epic U2 sound no matter what generation they are in, 80's 90's, etc."

about youshine
Started listening to U2 in early 80's. First tour was Joshua Tree October 1987 in Cleveland, OH. Have not missed a tour. 1-2 shows a tour. Met The Edge skiing in Telluride, CO. He asked if he could sit at our table at the mid mountain restaurant. Very nice person. One of my favorite parts of being a U2 fan is their faith and growing up a Christian to be able to resonate with their songs and my faith